Philth is the alter ego if you like of Phill Blake, Phill is a graphic designer and illustrator and Philth operates the street side of things.  Graffiti, stenciling, wheat pasting, and anything else you can think of there is no end to the talent this nocturnal creature hold. Philth’s work has a running theme of exotic women mixed with graffiti styles. Sometimes the two sides clash to form a 3rd mind, this is where the stranger creations take place, where darker thoughts and influences unfold in the work, or just where hot chicks get created using software. Philth produces drawings and paintings for exhibitions and commissions, paints murals, and takes part in live art events up and down the country, one of the original artist in Subism and winner of the uk Secret wars.

Phill works on logo’s, flyers and record sleeves for bands, artists, producers, and promoters, runs art and graffiti workshops in schools youth clubs and colleges.  You can see his work at and if you need his talents you can get hold of him through

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