Sub ink is a range of high quality artist marker pens and paints are made in England, providing a unique, glossy, wet look when dry. Sub ink is permanent and opaque and available in a range of vivid colours, created with the assistance of leading artists within the Subism and Sub ink artist collective.

The History…

Sub ink was the brain child of SAB, founder of Subism.  An evolving idea and product that took lots of twists and turns to get it to the product it is today.

Subism is a multi-faceted independent creative business, artist collective, online gallery, and also hosting ‘Subism Live’ art events, which is where the story began.  ‘Subism Live’ started back in 2008, showcasing new and emerging artist talent from graffiti, street art, design and illustrative backgrounds.  Drawing on giant walls, boards or in some cases entire bars/clubs.  Being the good host that Subism are, pens and paints have always been supplied to the artists to get creative and messy!

Looking for the opportunity to spread the collective and name, Subism started to label the pens to help spread the word.  This sparked an idea of a Subism pen and so the thinking cap was well and truly on!  Over two years of playing around, mixing paint and inks, testing different applicators, giving up and staring again in a quest for a high quality product and not forgetting the many drunken nights out testing the products, (“sorry manchester!”)  Subism has a product to be proud of, and better still, a product that does the job well!

The product name was still to decided as SAB didn’t want to market it as the Subism marker, as that name was created to embrace all the he and the artists do, constructed from ‘SUB’ for sub-cultural and ‘ISM’ for the movement. Subism, ‘a sub cultural movement’.  The obvious thing to do was to remove the ‘ISM’ and add the ‘INK’, still keeping it in the Sub brand, and it sounded right, so ‘SUB INK’ was born!

Sub ink then worked close with the Subism artist collective to create colours for the range, giving the artists involved a colour to put their name to.  DILK fitted the turquoise, Philth the pink, and later came the N4t4 Violet and black for INKIE.  The initial range was first sold in independent graffiti stores through the UK and  Sub ink is working with new artists to develop new colours and products.

This is the start of exciting things to come, so keep your eyes peeled, get involved and remember, shake well and enjoy!

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